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CraftedSystems- Artisan meets Humanitarian

In today’s world the word hand-made and artisan is seen few and far between. We consume things never touched by human hands and produced in under a minute. Yet somewhere in all of us we still crave the stories behind the products, the skill and creativity that can only be found in true craftsmanship.

At CraftedSystems, located in Portland, OR, they celebrate modern craft and humanitarianism. CraftedSystems partner with the YWCA women’s shelter to create their products out of 100% natural wool felt. They help in skills development for women in transition, economically enabling and empowering them, giving them collective purpose and creative outlet.

Their first collection includes a selection of felt vessels, table pieces, lights, floor and wall systems. CraftedSystems reminds us craftsmanship is not dead, truly remarkable work. Check them out!

Dwell Holiday Shopping Guide

Believe it or not, I try to live a pretty minimalist life without a whole lot of consumption… But, my obsession with style and creativity drives me to constantly want, and my weirdly odd love of Christmas time and gift giving drags me to the mall each year. It’s a bitter battle of my conscience to buy or not to buy… If you do plan on giving gifts this year, don’t just run to mall and grab items willy nilly like we’ve all done or had done onto us… Make it personal, thoughtful and creative! The Dwell Magazine has an amazing gift guide to get some inspiration this holiday. Remember, quality and creativity not quantity and mass-produced crap! Check it out at 10 days 17 hours 33 minutes left….


Holiday Poll Time!

Tis the Season for Cool Hunting!

If you’re obsessed with the latest designs, objects, gadgets, and fashion like me you’ll be obsessed with Cool Hunting’s pop-up store at 680 5th Ave in New York. Sponsored by Gap (of all places), it’s the perfect place to find that gift that says you are COOL! If you’re not in the know, Cool Hunting, is a blog dedicated to honoring designers and artists who embrace craftsmanship and modern design. A site worth following!

Minimal Pottery of Lilith Rocket

While venturing around the streets of Vancouver, Canada I stumbled into a quaint yet hip little store called Vancouver Special. I instantly gravitated to one of my most favorite things, white matte porcelain. I’m a total sucker for minimalistic pottery. The designer was potter Lilith Rockett, from Portland, OR. Her work, created by hand on a potter’s wheel in her home, reveals minimal lines and a velvety softness of an unglazed surface and a high polished inside. It is the perfect stand alone vase or looks amazing grouped, a splash of white is the perfect way to warm up a space and create a clean finish.

A.Heirloom State-Shaped Cutting Boards

We all know that person who is obsessed with the state in which they live, whether it is Oregon, Jersey or Texas. My New York loving friend sent me a link to an amazing little startup company that will help make your holiday shopping a bit easier for that pride filled, state lovin’ friend of yours.

A. Heirloom, a husband and wife design duo also from Brooklyn, started an a very cool digital fabrication company creating bamboo cutting boards in the shape of all fifty states! Including the island chain of Hawaii. On the board is either a small carved heart or star that can be placed exactly on the spot of the town you or your recipient lives in.  They are a steal at $40!

Start your Holiday list with WWII Temple Bags

Although male targeted with a military feel and clean lines, these bags would be the perfect accessory for any fashionista, including myself! Many designers have attempted the military distressed bag in the last couple years but Temple Bags is the fist to hit the nail on the head with their Ipad, Iphone and computer accessories to their simple duffle. Temple Bags is an American-made company sourced and produced entirely in Los Angeles. Dedicated to craftsmanship, Temple Bags hand selects authentic military grade fabrics or salvaged and re-purposed WWII era materials to recycle into their ever-growing line of products. Temple wants their bags to evoke bravery, adventure, romance and a passion to “risk everything”. Try one for that special someone this holiday! I’ll be adding the new felt bag to my list!


Strida-for the Urban Commuter

Ok, it’s not your hipster fixed gear bike, and yes, a fold up bike looks bit dorky, but the last time I checked its a pain in the butt to strap your fixed gear to the bus or take it down the subway stairs to catch the F train. The solution is the Strida Folding Bike, practical, hip and perfect for the urban commuter. In just 15 seconds, the Strida collapses into a compact unit that can be wheeled around or stowed in a shoulder bag. Back in 1987 Mark Sanders invented the Strida Folding Bike to address his difficult commute into London. The Strida is not only under 20 lb., but it also features a greaseless Kevlar chain to keep clothing pristine on the way into the office and accommodates riders 5’4″–6’4″. The design has won several awards for its subtle handling, aesthetics and engineering details.  So basically ditching the hip fixed gear and going for a fold-up may just be well worth it!

Breathtaking Lighting by Lindsey Adelman

Have you ever walked into a friend’s home and were welcomed by that awful 70′s chandelier in the foyer? The one that hasn’t been changed from the little old lady who owned the house prior? Well I have, and let me just say, lighting can make or break a room, a whole house for that matter. Lindsey Adelman, a lighting designer from Brooklyn, NY, has definitely come up with a solution for the problem. Adelman has created a series of bubble fixtures, including the Original Bubble, Branching Bubble and new Cluster chandelier. Priced at $1,600 per globe with custom stem and hardware finishes to suit the dimensions and needs of your space. Although pricey, it’s the perfect addition to transform the modern or classic home and makes any commercial space come alive with taste and elegance.